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Evan was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A true 'Midwestern-er.' He began his classical training in 4th grade, 1999. Before that his first gig was singing with his school choir at age 6 at a Starbucks for the Holidays.

He continued to fall more and more in love with orchestra, classical music and of course, the viola. Eventually the viola would lead Evan to several opportunities including being a part of the world’s largest youth orchestra; the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra (MYSO) and even auditioning for the Milwaukee High School of the Arts. While attending High School Evan majored in music and was exposed to various styles, forms, and even small ensemble coaching. By Junior year Evan was playing all around Milwaukee’s East Side, Wauwatosa and neighboring suburbs and cities with his very own quartet - The Jeanuea Quartet. A decade plus later the name and presence of this quartet was reborn, revitalized and re imagined with a new look, some new faces and a slightly modified name; The ‘Juno’ ensemble. Consisting of both original and new members, ‘Juno’ is a one of a kind team of skilled performers and artists who’ve joined forces to bring the best in live, classical, contemporary and popular entertainment. After graduating from MHSA in '08 Evan continued his journey of music to the Conservatory Program at Lawrence University, under the direction of Dr. Matthew Michelic. After a year he transferred to the Conservatory Program at Chicago College of Performing Arts, Roosevelt University in Chicago, IL., under the direction of Li-Kuo Chang, acting Principal of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.


Being originally from a city Evan quickly tuned in to the local music and arts scene for guidance and inspiration. Eventually Evan would go from attending local and touring shows to performing backup as both a vocalist, as well as violist in various shows. This was truly the beginning of the ‘freelance musician’ way of life that Evan so comfortably travels in. Eventually ‘Studio Session Instrumentalist’ and ‘Substitute Musician’ would be added to the resume of opportunities and experiences. 

Rounding out the freelance experience Evan found himself working at Camp Timber-lee in the Summers between school. His job included organizing and leading chapels and establishing the music, art, dance, theater and photography camps that are still around today! His work with campers and other pro-musicians was definitely a full-time gig that turned into a year round job, offering him the chance to learn about the band side of music and took composing and arranging to another level.

​After school Evan was living in East Troy, WI. and became a familiar face in the community and branched out with more solo gigs, church and Holiday services and sub-musician gigs. This was also when he wrote his first single, Milky-Way, and even started writing songs that would later become tracks for his future, debut EP, Etude (unbenounced to him).

Then, the weddings... the many, many weddings. Fancy, casual, solo, small group, ceremony, reception, first dances, candle or sand ceremonies - you name it he's played it. 


Wanting to continue pursuing his professional and artistic career Evan found his journey taking him back home, where it all began, Milwaukee. The first job Evan took was a barista at Valentine Coffee. The cafe is located in the Washington Heights neighborhood and having left after 3 years this would be the last job before Evan stepped out from the steady job world to become a private music instructor. Students ranged from voice, to violin, to piano. From age 6 to 40 and over. With a both a passion for one-on-one coaching and a gift for curating custom lessons and approaches it was clear Evan was headed in the right direction. Not long after taking the leap to independence Evan was offered an opportunity that would both change and define his life and career forever. In Fall of 2019 Evan began his new career as the ‘Music Director’ of Milwaukee Montessori School. Private lessons, music classes, concerts, musicals, recitals - everything he could ever hope for and more. 


With the support from his day job Evan was able to use his time to work on and cultivate his highly anticipated EP, Etude. With his first major solo project underway Evan continues to work as a private music coach for students and even local artists, performing with bands at places like Summerfest, Mitten Fest, Michael Jackson Tribute at Turner Hall Ballroom, Prince tribute at the Washington Park Band Shell and several other local shows. Even collaborating and co-writing with DJ's and Chicago artists. It’s obvious by now Evan shows no sign of slowing down. 


He continues to work hard and make his name known as a solo artist performing original music, background music with JUNO, and opening for bands. If you’ve never heard of Evan Lane before you’ll never forget his voice when you hear it. 


Evan thanks you from the bottom of his heart for the support and patience. Please continue to check back for the latest music and collabs. Sign up for Evan’s newsletter to never miss out!!

EL-08 copy 2.png
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