Muted White Black and Beige Minimalist E
Streaming Everywhere!!
'Etude' Evan Lane's debut ep
The image is an original design. Drawn by Milwaukee artist, Michael Cothrol
'Hymns for Mom' a Mother's Day ep
A small collection of hymns dedicated to my mom, Marcia.
'Milky Way'
Evan's first single available everywhere now.
Evan Lane is a featured artist on the on
One artist and one producer are teamed up at random.

They have 2 hours to create a song from beginning to end. Click on image to watch full video.
Plaid Hawaii 'Just Be You' song collab. with Evan Lane
Evan Lane wrote lyrics, melody and sung both lead and back up harmony vocals.

The entire song was created, produced and mastered by DJ, Plaid Hawaii
'Fall' by Lili K. & Evan Lane
Listen to simply the most beautiful song you'll hear all year. 'Fall.' Written to be part of Lili K.'s ep, 'Songs With Friends,' available now.
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What I Do

Ceremonies & Private Events

Solo, String Ensemble

Music for weddings, luncheons, office or Holiday parties. Background for private or public events. Available year round and on weekends.

Solo Artist or 'Work for Hire'

Acoustic, Produced, String Ensemble

Original music (and some covers) for public events, festivals, showcases, fundraisers and radio shows.

Ministry or Traditional Events

Solo, Small Team, Acoustic, String Ensemble

Sunday services, subs & fill-ins, picnics, productions, Easter & Christmas eve services. 

General Inquiries
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